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About Us

                                     We save you money                                

If you've thought about building an app, one of the first questions that come up are "How much will it cost?".  Unfortunately, many apps are never built because of the sticker shock of seeing that $50,000 or $100,000+ price tag that makes building your app just a wild dream.  At Grassapper, our goal is to provide you with high quality apps, at a fraction of the price.


                                      We help the little guy                               

If you're a multi-millionaire with an idea, there is no shortage of options for you to build your app. However, if you don't have unlimited funds and you still want to move forward with your idea, then your options have been limited- until now! Here at Grassapper, we specialize in helping small businesses and individuals develop their app ideas within a reasonable budget.  


Many app development companies have large brick and mortar buildings with dozens of high-priced app developers, project managers, and staff members working full-time.  This means that whether or not they are developing apps at any particular moment, their business costs are very high and always running.  In order for them to take the time to build a new app, it needs to be "worth their time" to cover all those running costs.  


Here at Grassapper, our business model is much more lean and efficient. Although we're centrally located in Indianapolis Indiana, we work with a number of independant app developers from all over the country and the world. Each developer has a specialized set of skills that we match up according to your project needs. Our developers work on a project-by-project basis, so there are no ongoing running costs that we have to pass on to our clients.  


We run a very lien and efficient operation that provides our clients with high quality customized apps for a fraction of the cost.  We have created dozens of apps with our network of developers over the past 5 years which makes it easy for us to match your app idea with the best suited developer for your project requirements.  For a free proposal, make sure to check out our "I have an idea" page or contact us to discuss your needs!

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